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A day in the life...

Nothing out of the ordanary...

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General Stuff
I'm an embarrassment to human kind because I'm a Pokemon, Wrestling, Neopets fan and a fanfic... well, more reader than writer and I'm way too old for this.

I also love to mess around with Photoshop.

Profile by thefulcrum so thank you. :D
rory_tutorgirl made the WWE theme I use sometimes, so thanks.
kimlasca made the SSBB theme I'm using now, so thanks.
kora_flair made my very nice WGTT header, which is finally getting reused so thanks. ^_^

Stuff I've Won/Claimed.

By atariprincess_x

By skydagger
(Ok, clam expired ages ago but I like the pic so it stays. :))

By skydagger

By originaldiva

[info]sky_queen3 is love
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Random Stuff

Favourite Pokemon: Plusle and Minun, Braviary, Articuno...

Favourite Videogame: Currently Pokemon Heart Gold, all time either Super Smash Bros. series or Super Mario World 1 & 2.

More will be added as I think of it.

profile codes | super smash bros. site | my youtube page

See that banner? Please click it, it (now :P) goes to my friend's graphic community.