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Question to my friends who follow fandoms:

Do any of you have crackships or crossover ships, I'd be curious to hear them.

Pokémon (plus crossovers): (This will mainly be Pokémon/Pokémon, not in a full on sexual way before anyone gets too creeped out.)
  • Any combination of Mewtwo, Lucario and Zoroark.
  • Gyarados/Milotic. (Although that might actually not be that odd, hmm…)
  • For a crossover: Xerneas (6th gen deer like legendary)/Deerzord. (I blame certain people in the Power Rangers tag for that.
Power Rangers (plus crossovers)
  • Most of the Samurai rangers with their Shinkenger counterparts. (With a particular fondness for Kevin and Ryunosuke together. *cue fans in both fandoms screaming abuse at me, and I mean full on, not the usual light stuff*. :P)
  • Oddly enough I’ve also character/actor shipped to. (Take a freaking guess which one/s. ;) )
  • Because I have a thing for  black, athletic, short haired males I did play around with the idea of Kevin (or Najee to be fair) and Shelton Benjamin (yeah, I can’t even justify that really.)
  • Oh, Kevin and Vypra due to actor hate. :|